Tuesday, May 03, 2016

3 Simple and Easy Breakfasts

I always used to skip breakfast. How can you get excited about a bowl of cereal or a piece of toast? Breakfast is supposed to be the important meal of the day though. So, I decided to find some new things I could have for breakfast that made me want to actually have breakfast. Today, I'm showing you 3 of my favourites which I also think are really simple and easy breakfasts to make. 
french toast, pancakes, grilled cheese

French Toast
french toast, cinnamon french toast, strawberry and blueberry french toast
This was the first time I'd ever made french toast. I can't believe I never tried to before, it's so simple! I topped mine with strawberries and blueberries and a dusting of cinnamon. I'd only ever had french toast once before making it myself too, and now I like to make it all the time.

Strawberry Pancakes
strawberry pancakes, easy pancake recipe
I'd also never tried to make pancakes before either but making the batter is really really easy. I'll usually either do blueberry or strawberry pancakes but strawberry are my favourite. I dice strawberries to put in the batter too, and top it off with some Greek yogurt and more strawberries. 

Grilled Sandwich 
grilled cheese, grilled cheese sandwich
I never thought about having a sandwich for breakfast. I usually put ham and cheese in the middle of my grilled sandwich,but I've put bacon and egg in there before. It's super filling too. I usually have this breakfast if I have a busy day ahead so I can burn it off.

What do you think? Simple and easy breakfasts, huh? What are some of your favourite breakfasts?


  1. Those pancakes look gorgeous! I wish I gave myself more time in the morning for breakfast but I never do!

    Blogger & The Geek

    1. I used to think that because I have a baby I could never spend anytime making a decent breakfast for myself and I've found these recipes easy and quick to make so I don't have to worry about spending ages in the kitchen x

  2. Ooh yum! The grilled sandwich sounds particularly good, especially with bacon and egg x


    1. Yes! I'll have to try it with bacon and eggs one morning x

  3. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day! I don't understand why most people don't eat breakfast? I mean it's the meal that charges you in the morning and keeps you energized throughout the day. Plus you can eat as much in the morning because it's your fuel. My favorite breakfast meals are oatmeal and smoothie bowls! But on the weekends I treat myself to French toast and pancakes. <3

    1. I always used to skip breakfast because I never had time for it when I was working. I recently made a smoothie bowl and it was delicious! I used apple, banana and strawberry with greek yogurt and some seeds on top. I can't wait to make another one!


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