Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Confession | Star Wars

Today is May 4th, or alternatively, Star Wars Day! I’m also going to share with you my Star Wars confession. Are you ready? Here it goes… 
Star Wars Confession, I don't care for Star Wars

I’ve never really cared for Star Wars. 

Don’t get me wrong. I’ve seen all of the films, except for The Force Awakens, both as a youngster and now as an adult, but they’ve never made me want to go back for more. People find it hard to believe because I’m into things that are considered ‘geeky’ so by their 'geeky standards' I should also like Star Wars. But I just don't. 

I can understand why people really enjoy the series, but it’s just never really held my attention enough when I’ve watched the films to make me want to go back and watch them again. I’m not saying the movies are bad; on the contrary, there are some parts of the films that I enjoy watching. I’ve just never thought they were these amazing films that people hype them up to be. 

I think one thing that also makes people wary are the mega fans who make you feel that you have to 10000% love the films. I know you shouldn’t judge anything by what you see on the internet but when you see people writing things like ‘People who don’t like Star Wars should be shot’ then for me personally it really puts me off being associated with things related to it.

Are there any other people who feel the same?


  1. I've watched all the Star Wars films because my older sister is a huge fan. I'm not a huge fan of the series myself but I don't mind watching the movies. I think many people love the series because it transports you to a different world.

    With that said, I honestly hate it when fans of a something say "this is sooo amazing". When I was younger I made myself watch the Twilight saga movies because everyone raved about them. Then when I watched the first movie I thought it was the worst movie I ever seen! But because there were so many fans it was considered "amazing". It's funny how fans can make or break something.

    1. That's exactly how I would describe my love of the Harry Potter universe because I'm transported to another world, so I also get why people love what they do. Yeah, fandoms are scary things. It's amazing how scary some fans can be.

  2. I'd seen Star Wars a few times as a kid, but it was never a whole film and I never understood it. Cue 2015 and my Star Wars obsessed boyfriend and I've now got into it and quite like it! I can't sit down and watch them all in one go like he can, but I think it's pretty fun!

    I feel like this though with Frozen. Most overrated Disney film of all time and I can honestly only tell you about 4 things that happened in it as I didn't like it! Tania xx


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