Thursday, March 24, 2016

The A to Z of me

With my recent blog overhaul I thought I should also give yourselves an insight into me and so I'm doing an A to Z of me post. 

This post wasn't as easy as it looks; especially when you get to those tricky letters! I spent ages thinking of something for U....

I went through a few pieces of paper in my notepad writing down my ideas before I got to the final A to Z list, and even then I changed a few things as I typed it up. 

A is for... Ayumi Hamasaki
Ayumi Hamasaki is my favourite singer and one of my biggest inspirations. I think she is a wonderful human being. I'm trying to collect all of her CDs and DVDs! She has so many that it's going to take me a bit of time. She was the singer that introduced me to Japanese pop music.

B is for... Baking
My recent found love is for baking! Sometimes I don't really follow a recipe; I just throw things into a bowl and hope for the best! I recently made some chocolate muffins for my Brother and Sisters' birthday. I love spending an afternoon in the kitchen making some yummy baked treats.
Chocolate muffins
C is for... Chocolate
I love chocolate... I mean I really love chocolate. If I could eat chocolate all day every day then I would but sadly that wouldn't be very good for me. Even though I'm trying to loose weight I'll have the occasional piece of chocolate. Easter is the worst time for chocolate with the chocolate eggs everywhere!

D is for... Documentaries
I don't really watch much TV, but when I do my viewing of choice is documentaries; especially if they're about history. I really enjoy documentaries about Egyptian history. I find it so fascinating. I'd choose documentaries over soaps and reality TV any day.

E is for... Eggs
The food I've been eating the most recently! They're so versatile and yummy. I usually have an omelette for breakfast, boiled egg for lunch and sometimes a poached egg for dinner. This kind of reminds me of Gaston in Beauty and the Beast singing about all the eggs he eats to help him stay large.

F is for... Family
I love my family unconditionally! I honestly believe that blood is thicker than water, and my family have always been there for me; through thick and thin. I'm not saying that we've always got on together, but I know that I can count on them if I ever need anything.
G is for... Grammar
My biggest pet peeve is improper grammar and bad spelling! I can't even use text speak because I hate it so much. When I'm blogging I not only do a spell check, but I also read, reread and reread the post again to make sure it's written well.

H is for... Harry Potter
My biggest obsession! I've never loved a book series/movie series as much as I love Harry Potter! I have an imitation Slytherin robe, wands and everything. The day I visited the Harry Potter studio tour in London was one of the best days ever! My adult editions of Harry Potter are some of my treasured possessions.
Scale model Hogwarts castle
I is for... Impulse buying
I'm very very very good at impulse buying, especially when I see an offer or a sale. When I don't even need the item I just have this massive impulse to buy it. I have to literally lock myself in the house when I know there's a sale on. I constantly get emails from brands advertising their sales and I really have to restrain myself from buying things that I simply don't need.

J is for... Japanese pop
Japanese pop is my favourite genre of music. I started listening to Japanese pop when I was 11 years old after I started watching anime. I'm 25 now and I still love Japanese pop as much now as I did then. I remember when people we're telling me it was just a phase and I'd soon grow out of it. I certainly proved them wrong.

K is for... Killers 
I'm obsessed with serial killers! My perfect afternoon is watching the Crime and Investigation channel with a cup of coffee. At times I wished I'd gone and studied Criminology at university. I either wanted to study Nursing or Criminology and I chose the nursing path instead. I find it so fascinating that people go out and kill others and yet most of us would never ever dream of doing that.

L is for... Love
As well as the love I have for my daughter, my honey, my family and my friends, I am also generally a very loving person. I always try to see the good in people, which can be a bad trait at times. I just don't believe in wasting my time and energy on hating someone or something.

M is for... Mummy
And, of course, I'm a mummy too! Having Aoife has been wonderful. The love I have for her is unmeasurable. Just look at that cheeky little face! She makes everyday wonderful and exciting. I'm not saying it's always easy but I wouldn't change anything. Aoife's nan knitted the dress she's wearing in this picture.
N is for... Nails
As I'm currently on maternity leave I've been able to grow my nails! Since I work in care I'm not allowed to have long painted nails, so I've been enjoying the freedom of having nice long decorated nails before I have to cut them down when I eventually return to work.

O is for... Old-fashioned
A lot of people say that I'm very old-fashioned and have old fashioned views. I also love pin up fashion and styles and old style interior houses. I really like antiques too; especially antique decorative jewellery.

P is for... Pigs
Pigs are my favourite animals! They're just so cute and so messy and have the cutest little curly tales! I'd actually love to have a micro pig as a pet! I wonder what Millie would think if I bought home a little pig.

Q is for... Quizzes
I really enjoy quizzes; both on TV and also in pubs and such. My favourite quiz show to watch is The Chase. I have a bit of a crush on Mark Labbett... I find a smart man really attractive. I really like testing myself. I've never won a quiz yet, but my time will come!

R is for... Rain
The only type of weather that I like! I hate the sun and heat because I'm pale and burn and I hate being sweaty, but I also hate snow because I always slip over and hurt myself. However, I love walking in the rain, even heavy rain. I just feel so carefree!

S is for... Scary movies
Horror movies are my favourite kind of movies; especially good old horror films. I've recently challenged myself to watch 100 horror films as suggested by Rotten Tomatoes. You can have a look at that blog post here. I have a very big collection of horror DVDs; some I haven't even taken out of the wrapping yet.

T is for... Tsum Tsums
I have to mention Tsum Tsums for the letter T since I'm obsessed with collecting them. I've had a couple more since but you can check out my Tsum Tsum collection in this blog post here. Each time I hear of more being released I just need to get them right away. Here's my medium sized Tsum Tsums. Olaf is one of my new additions!
olaf, minnie mouse, cheshire cat
U is for... Unusual
This is the word I would use to describe myself! I think that I have a few hobbies and interests that are seen as being a little unusual. I was definitely deemed unusual when I was at school. It's not a bad thing mind you.

V is for... Videogames
Admittedly, I used to play a lot more videogames before having Aoife than I do now, but when I do have the time I like to sit down and play for a little bit. My favourite video games are the Final Fantasy series, the Guitar Hero series and Alice: Madness returns. I mostly now watch my honey play videogames instead.

W is for... Weight
I'm currently on a mission to loose my pregnancy weight...and more! I've been really enjoying cooking healthy meals and trying new foods that I have never tried before. I recently found out that I love curly kale and now I have it almost every day.

X is for... Xrays
This is in reference to all of the surgery I've had on my feet and on my knees. I was born with congenital bilateral talipes so I had to have a lot of surgery when I was little to have that corrected. Due to that, I also developed dislocating patellas and I needed that correcting as well. My feet and knees are now an interesting array of scars.

Y is for... Yelling
This may seem like a silly answer for Y but it's actually really relevant to myself. I don't yell a lot, in fact, I just can't shout. I'm talking about maliciously of course! If someone dropped something I'd obviously shout to get their attention to return the item, but if someone trys to start any type of confrontation with me I just walk away. I don't like people raising their voice or any kind of violence.

Z is for... Zombies
And lastly, Z! As well as horror films, I also love zombie films. Yes, I count zombie films as a totally different genre! It's like a mashed up horror/action/survival genre to me. My favourite zombie films are the REC series, but I really love George A. Romero's zombie films as well. Some of my favourite video games I've played have also been zombie games; such as the Resident Evil series!

I'd love to hear a random fact about yourself! 


  1. Awesome post! We have so many things in common! I thought this would've been really difficult but after reading your answers I feel like it's not as hard as I thought (especially when you like things from different countries, lol). <3

    1. I think X was the worst one to thing of because xray is like literally the only word I can think of for it haha x


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