Sunday, March 27, 2016

Sunday Summary #3

Hello lovelies! It's time for another Sunday Summary! How have your weeks been? I hope they've been good!

I haven't done that much this week really. The weather has been nothing short of indecisive. One minute it's beautiful with sunny skies and the next minute it's wet and windy. It makes it hard to plan to go out.

Although, one of the days, Aoife and I went out for a shopping trip. Not much was bought really. I ended up picking up a few baby essentials to keep stocked up but that was really it. 

The main purpose of going shopping was to look for a dress for an upcoming wedding in a few weeks, but I didn't really see anything I like. Maybe I'm worrying too much? I've still got quite a big mummy tummy after having Aoife so when I saw a dress I really liked I worried about how my tummy will look in it. I feel so silly! 
Patisserie Valerie, hot chocolate, marshmallows, chocolate cake, profiterole
We did though, which is our tradition when we go out shopping, go to Patisserie Valerie and have a lovely slice of dessert. 

I always have a fully loaded hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows. Indulgence! We had a slice of chocolate cake this time. I think our mission is try every single dessert there, and I think we're coming close to the end. It was heaven! I left the profiterole til the end. It's a good job it's a once in a while thing.

I have been trying to go out for more walks recently to help with the weight loss. There's a park close to us that Aoife and I haven't visited yet so we decided to have a little walk around on a few days. 
Hickman Park Bilston
It's such a shame that part of the park feels and looks pretty run down. Our parks need so much more love and care. Other than that, it was a really nice walk. Aoife slept most of it, but she did manage to wake up to see some squirrels running around. The daffodils are starting to bloom too which made part of the park look really pretty.

I also managed to complete the last bingo card I was stuck on on the Disney Tsum Tsum game. As well as that, I also got my highest score yet! 
Disney tsum tsum game high score, nick wilde zootopia, belle, beauty and the beast
As well as that, I also got Belle and Nick Wilde. Belle has such a good skill. I've been using her since I got her. Now that I've done all the bingo cards though it's gotten a little boring. I have hundreds of hearts so I might concentrate on levelling up the Tsum Tsums and getting some new ones as well.

Lastly, I wanted to share some of the other yummy food I've been having this week. I've been inspired to keep eating healthy since my weight loss had been steady and constant. Saying that, I also had a little treat this week too. We all deserve to have a treat!
Healthy eating, weight loss
1 ~ Burrito bowl made with vegetarian chili and sweet potato on the side (inspired by some I've seen on Instagram)
2 ~ Egg omelette with kale salad and feta cheese
3 ~ Good old greasy fish and chips from the chip shop
4 ~ Baked sweet potato with sprouts, roasted peppers, curly kale, boiled egg and cottage cheese

I've been having so much sweet potato in my meals recently. I love baked sweet potato, it's so versatile! I've also become so much better at making omelettes after some practice and buying a new omelette pan. My omelettes used to be really horrible. I've got so many recipes that I want to try. 

It was also weird to have fish and chips. We used to have them constantly when I was younger on the weekend, but not much when I moved in with my honey. It was really nice though. I think sometimes your body just needs some grease? I did feel a little sick afterwards though. My body isn't used to it.

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I'd love to hear about how your week has been! What have you got up to?

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  1. I love Patisserie Valerie - a friend of mine used to work there, so we'd often get the left over cakes at the end of the day :)
    I need to start eating healthy more often too, but it's so hard when looking after a baby


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