Tuesday, March 29, 2016

My perfect blogging playlist

Today I'm going to share my perfect blogging playlist! I'm not one of those people who can sit there in silence whilst they're writing. I need music to dance to, to sing to; for inspiration. When I'm in the kitchen cooking or cleaning I need to have music on to work to. I don't know if you guys are like that?

Taemin press your number, press it, kpop

I've only recently started using Spotify to play my music on. I used to be a hardcore iTunes user but I'm starting to prefer Spotify more. I always have music on whilst I'm writing and blogging.

With me, I tend to find songs that I end up playing and playing for ages. Saying that, I do like to find new music to listen to as well but I can be a tough cookie sometimes. My favourite songs playlist on my iPod has a couple of hundred songs on.

My blogging playlist is full of songs that I think have a catchy beat in a variety of languages. It's all generally full of pop music.  I do listen to other genres of music too but my favourite songs tend to be pop songs.

Do you guys have any specific songs you like to listen to whilst blogging? Do any of you guys listen to music in different languages?


  1. Great playlist! I've listened to most of these songs and they're amazing! I'm glad I finally found a blogger who loves kpop and jpop music! I never heard of that Shinee song before and now I'm hooked! <3

    1. It's from SHINee's Japanese album. Try and watch the music video, it's really good! (And Onew looks delicious!) I'm a huge Jpop and Kpop fan! x


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