Thursday, March 31, 2016

Top 5 favourite nail polishes

Now that I actually have nails (I used to be a serious nail biter!) I've been able to paint and decorate them as much as I like. I've also found that having beautifully decorated nails has curbed any desire to bite my nails. Why take all that time to decorate something to destroy it?

So, I thought today I would share my 5 favourite nail polishes that are currently in my nail box. 
maybelline, rimmel, w7, no7

Sugar Crystals by Maybelline Color Show 
sugar crystals maybelline color show
How beautiful is the shimmer in this polish!? It is like literally little sugar crystals in a bottle. By itself, the polish is very pastel and sweet, but when you use it over the top of a dark polish the shimmer really comes out. It's a really subtle shimmer and not as distracting as using a chunky glitter polish. 

Daisy Days by the Rita Ora collection for Rimmel
rimmel rita ora daisy days
This polish is a really recent purchase and I love it so much. It's a beautiful vibrant yellow that's perfect for spring. Yellow is a polish colour that I never used to wear that much. I have to add that I wore this polish for around a week and a half and I hardly had any chips or flaking what so ever. It's such a fun and bubbly colour to have on your nails.

Dollar by No7
no7 dollar nail polish, emerald nail polish
I love the intense emerald colour of this polish with it's slightly blueish hues. I think it's so glamorous and elegant. You also don't need many coats of this polish for the colour to be bold and beautiful. If I want an elegant looking nail for an event I always go for this polish, sometimes with a little bit of a silver glitter polish on one nails as a feature. 

Power Red by Maybelline Color Show
power red nail polish maybelline, bright red nail polish
This red shade is so vivid and so so sexy; a true red in my eyes! It's definitely a colour to go to if you want your nails to get noticed. This polish also has wonderful non-chipping qualities and a super quick drying time which also adds to why it's one of my favourites.

Pink Shard by W7 
w7 pink shard nail polish, pink glitter nail polish
I love glitter polishes so much, and this by far is my favourite glitter polish out of the polishes I own. The mixture of pink, white and holographic glitter is both fun and cute. I love using it on top of a black base coat, and with a glossy top coat on top so that the glitter really sparkles. 

Let me know if you have an all time favourite nail polish that you always go to. 

I've also started to edit the images in posts a little differently. I'm going for light and bright with bold colours. What do you guys think?


  1. These look like some gorgeous options for Spring! I love the formula of No 7 nailpolishes - I feel like they're not talked about enough :)
    - Ambar x
    Her Little Loves

    1. That's true! I hardly ever see any No7 nailpolishes talked about, and I find that they're really good polishes. I have quite a few from No7 x

  2. Ooh I love that yellow colour. Like you said, I never think of popping yellow on my nails but it looks so pretty and perfect for Spring! xx Sophie /

    1. I get scared of the yellow leaving staining on my nails (which I've had in the past) but this one doesn't do that so I feel comfortable using it x


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