Monday, February 01, 2016

No more grey ♡

I've finally got round to dyeing my hair!

I was really excited to do so, as I hadn't dyed my hair for 10 months~ 

I'd heard conflicting advice about dyeing your hair whilst pregnant and so I decided to avoid it all together. 

However, my root growth was quite greyish blonde in colour so it was so noticeable to myself when looking in the mirror and so it made me feel a little self-concious so I'd tie my hair up a lot instead of leaving it down. 
My hair before the dye~ 

You can really see the grey/blondeness!

I decided to go with a John Frieda foam dye for two reasons. Reason 1 ~ It's one of my favourite brand of dyes! Especially when I'm self dyeing my hair because the foam ensures I get all of my hair. Reason 2 ~ There was a better than half price deat at Superdrug meaning I could get 2 boxes of dye for the price of 1 as well as earning points on my Superdrug card.
I've used this shade of chocolate brown so many times!
During shot haha~ 

I'm also very good at dyeing my forehead but I did pretty well this time. 

And this was the result~ 
Pyjama selfie!

My roots are a little lighter, but I'm planning on getting my hair cut soon (as I haven't had my hair cut since I was around 5 months pregnant! So after having a trim it'll look better and healthier. I was thinking about having a full fringe back in. The last time I had a full fringe I cut it myself at home but I'm not feeling so confident in doing it anymore so I think I'd better leave the hair cutting to the professionals!

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