Thursday, February 04, 2016

First smoothie attempt~

I'm currently on a quest to loose my pregnancy weight and more! 

So I thought as part of that I'd start making smoothies, particularly breakfast smoothies as I'm constantly skipping breakfast~ 

I love fruit and veg but I also don't eat near enough, and making smoothies is both fun but would make sure I'd eat more fruit and veg. 

It's not difficult to go wrong with a smoothie but I'd never exactly made one before either!

This blender is actually my honey's. He bought it to make cocktails with and I've only ever seen him use it twice, so now I'm taking it for my smoothie making!

I didn't follow a recipe for this; I just kinda dumped things in the blender without measuring it out. 

I added some strawberries, apple, low fat greek yogurt, a bit of honey and milk and blended~
This was my result~!

This tasted amazing! I really really enjoyed it and it looks really nice as well. For my first smoothie experiment I was really really happy. I think I managed to get the right balance of fruit, yogurt and honey.

I'm on the lookout for some more smoothie recipes to try out so if anyone has any please send them my way! 

I want to do smoothies with lots of different flavours, especially fruit flavours I don't really eat such as mango or kiwi.

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