Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Favourite phone apps ~

Neko Atsume
Because I'm a crazy cat lady! Look at their little faces!

Baby Sleep
This app has been very useful if I've needed a hand getting Aoife to sleep. Her favourite noise appears to be the washing machine sound. Useful when I have no washing to put into the washing machine. 

Frozen Free Fall
My honey originally downloaded this game on his xbox and then after watching him play I downloaded it on my phone instead. I've become a little obsessed with it truthfully.

My Fitness Pal
It's time to get into shape after having Aoife! Along with regular exercise, I've started tracking what I eat. I love barcode scanning stuff.  

My honey wants us to appear on Pointless and so we downloaded the app to test our Pointless knowledge. So far I've only managed to get a handful of Pointless answers so more training is needed!


I love using Groupon for the cheap deals. I've used it for so many different items for myself and others. It's easy to just throw my money at this app.

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