Friday, January 15, 2016

Reasons why I hate snow!

Snow has decended on the UK~ And while here in Wolverhampton there isn't much at all it still enrages me. 

I've always hated the snow. The snow and I do not get on, especially when you spent childhood and teenage years in plaster casts and braces on your legs which made going out in the snow horrendous.

Here's the snow in my area~
And so I'm going to talk about the reasons why I hate when snow comes around~

It's cold and wet
Haha obviously! I don't mind being confined to the apartment but if I do need to go out then I have to put on ten layers of clothes, and even after that nothing helps the horrible cold runny nose you get when it's freezing. I also find it hard to see the appeal of getting freezing cold wet hands when playing in the snow. Plus, no matter how many pairs of socks you put on or how thick your shoes are your toes are always freezing and can never warm up.

Slippery slush and ice
I would always end up slipping over in the slush or slipping on a concealed patch of ice. Even if I was wearing shoes with wonderful grip I would end up on my bottom on the floor and totally embarassed. I've had a few injuries from slipping over on slush and ice that have left me off my feet for a good few weeks.

It's never on time
We always get snow at inappropriate times and it always seems to be when I've got lots of appointments to attend so I have no choice but to go outside in it. Not like there's an appropriate time for there to be snow about anyway but it seems to mess everything up whatever time it decides to decend.

Public transport goes to pot 
As a user of public transport I get annoyed that all of it seems to go to pot even when there is the smallest amount of snow. I've lost count of the times I've been standing at a bus stop for ages because all the buses have become delayed or they've been taken off the roads or broken down in the cold weather. Not even that, some of the roads tend to go to pot as well, and there's always the dangers of a lot of the side roads not being gritted. 

I'm glad that we hardly ever have snow in the UK otherwise I would be a grump all of the time!


    omg, how much I dislike snow! I have no words!XD

  2. I totally agree with "it's never on time"!
    We need it in Christmas time for sure



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