Sunday, January 17, 2016

Five things I loved (and hated) about pregnancy ★

As I was saying in the previous post here is my list about the things that I really loved and really hated about being pregnant~


Afternoon naps
I loved having the excuse to go and have a lie down or have a lie in and for no one to say that I was being lazy. Before I was pregnant my honey said I had too many afternoon naps and then he totally retracted it and told me to go for naps when I was pregnant. At the end of my pregnancy my midwife said I needed to have a daily afternoon nap due to my unstable blood pressure.

Feeling kicks
The feeling of your baby moving around is magical. My little chunky (that's her nickname by the way!) always had hiccups and loved to wake me during the night with strong kicks. Feeling her move also put my mind at ease as I'm naturally a big worrier. My honey didn't get to feel her move that often because as soon as I said she's moving and he'd put his hand on my bump she would stop.

The anticipation
I really couldn't wait to meet my mini me. I'd spend afternoons fanticizing about what we would do or where my baby and I would go together. I'd talk to my family about taking her and her cousins out together, and then I'd think about her first days at school etc.

 ♡ The attention
It's amazing how much attention you get when you're pregnant. I'd get random people touching my bump, or asking when I'm due, or just telling me about when they were pregnant (it was generally elderly women) but the attention was really nice and people were always quite sweet and friendly.

Revealing the gender
I loved revealing the gender when we found out. Everyone became super super excited when we revealed we were expecting a girl. People were planning what to buy her and I was excited about all the cute clothes she would get to wear. Plus my chunky and I could gang up on daddy together!


× Morning sickness ×
I managed to suffer from morning sickness very early on and also very badly. I managed to loose two and a half stone in two months due to severe morning sickness. So many people, including family, friends and the midwife, were recommending ways to deal with it and nothing would work. I was at the point where I would vomit out the small amount of water I'd just drank.

× Heartburn ×
I also suffered from incredibly bad heartburn, especially in the last three months. It became so bad that I had bottles of Gaviscon everywhere, and I was drinking it like crazy. In the end I ended up with Omeprazole because even the double strength Gaviscon, and staying away from the foods and drink that made it worse, didn't help.  

× Being able to smell everything ×
This was horrible! My nose would cotton on to every single little smell floating around. Even things that generally smell nice smelt horrible because my sense of smell was so heightened. I walked through a perfume aisle and the smell was horrendous because it was so strong.

× The constant need to pee ×
I felt like most of the time I was glued to the toilet at the end of my pregnancy. It became more annoying when I had to go to the toilet constantly during the night and I felt like I never had a decents night sleep. As well, if my chunky gave me a strong enough kick I became close to wetting myself which would have been quite embarassing in public.

× Having to wait ×
And lastly, the wait for my chunky to appear felt like it went on forever. I did have times where I became panicky because I was scared of giving birth, but the wait eclipsed that and in the last couple of weeks leading up to chunky's appearance I was so excited and couldn't wait for her arrival.


  1. Congrats on your little one! This post is making me kind of excited to grow up and have children... Good luck! <3

  2. Really congrats <3 I am so happy for you!


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