Thursday, January 14, 2016

Addition to our family ~ ♡

It seems like I dropped off the end of the earth! I haven't blogged in such a long time~ v___v 
I don't have a reason as to why I stopped blogging in the first place! Maybe I just lost interest? But I'm starting to diverge here! 

I am going to start blogging again! I've given my blog a little tidy up and changed a little of the CSS so I'm all set to start blogging again. So, onto the subject of this blog post; the new addition to our family!

On the 15th April I found out I was pregnant! 
It wasn't a surprise to us because we had been trying for a baby for the last nine months, but in a way it was unexpected because I did a pregnancy test on a whim and didn't expect to get a positive result at all. I didn't believe the first test so I did more and more tests over the weekend. 
The only annoying thing about finding out I was pregnant very early on (I was around four weeks pregnant when I found out) was keeping it quiet because I wanted to shout it from the rooftops but at the same time if anything happened early on I wouldn't have been able to cope with telling everyone something had happened. Of course, our families knew as soon as I knew so at least I didn't keep it all a secret. After the twelve week scan we then started letting others know about the pregnancy. 

There were parts of my pregnancy I really enjoyed and then again other parts of my pregnancy that I absolutely hated and couldn't wait for them to be over and done with; but I'll go into those in another blog post in the future because I'll end up rabbiting on and on!
 I loved my bump though! It was only in the last month or two that my bump became quite big and started to get into the way of little daily things like bending over if I dropped something or putting my shoes on. I even struggled putting dirty clothes in the washing machine. I got to buy lots of lovely maternity clothes that I'll still probably wear because they're all so cute. The dress above is from the Asos maternity range.

My original due date was the 22nd December, however, (and luckily as it was Christmas time) my little one decided she wanted to enter the world a little earlier than expected and so on the 14th December at 10.35am Aoife May Williams was born via emergency ceserean section. 
She's only four days old in this picture here (it was the day we were finally released from the hospital!) but she already strikes some great poses and has a wonderful pout as well as a loud set of lungs. We've also had a lot of interesting spellings and pronounciations of Aoife (which is pronounced as ee-fa), but when we tell people a lot of people they have been pronouncing and spelling her name as Eva. Aoife is the Irish version of Eva so they're not half wrong at least.
I'll write more about my labour and ceserean experience in a later blog post because it will be a very long story to tell but we're a month on now and everything is going very well. It's a learning curve for myself and my partner as we're first time parents; however, we are really enjoying every moment of it (except for the lack of sleep!).


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