Saturday, May 14, 2016

Playlist | Eurovision Party

Who else is excited for the Eurovision Song Contest tonight? I’ve watched it every year for many years now. I reserve the night of Eurovision to make sure that I can watch it without any interruptions except for Whatsapping my family and friends about the entries. I’ve always wanted to have a Eurovision party too. In my excitement for tonight, I’ve made a playlist of my favourite songs from the previous Eurovision Song Contests to get the mood started and I thought that I’d share them with you. 
See which songs have made it onto my ultimate Eurovision Song Contest Party Playlist

I haven’t listened to any of the entries for this year because I like to hear them on the night for the first time. I’d say come on Great Britain, but it’s a running joke now that Britain always does terrible and gets nil points haha. I wish our entry all the best though!

Anyway, do you have a favourite song from the Eurovision Song Contest? Or a Eurovision contestant that has always stuck with you? 


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