Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Aoife's memory box

I've always known that I wanted to keep memory boxes for any and all children that I have. I wanted to keep momentos from throughout my pregnancy and also mementos collected through their childhood.

I'm a very sentimental person and I love keeping momentos and souvenirs myself from the things that I've done or from the places I've been. 
baby momento box
After the jump you'll be able to see what we've collected in Aoife's memory box so far.

baby hat baby dummy
The hat is the hat that we put on Aoife when she was born. When we got home I washed all the tummy gunk off it and placed it in her memory box. I've also kept her first dummy. Due to Aoife's intial tongue tie difficultes she couldn't use dummies. She couldn't latch onto them so they just used to fall out of her mouth. 
baby congratulations cards
I also kept our congratulations cards and Aoife's first Christmas cards. Aoife got more Christmas cards than her daddy and I. To make them more tidier I used some ribbon I had left after wrapping up my Christmas presents and tied them into little bundles.  I'm planning on keeping her first birthday cards too.
newborn photo album
I also picked up a photoalbum to keep all of our photographs in. I might need a couple of albums though with the amount of pictures that both my honey and I take of Aoife. I really love photo albums and when we were kids our mum would sit with us and the photo albums and talk us through the pictures.
newborn photo album
I've been writing little comments next to all of the pictures explaining what we were doing or how we were feeling. 
And lastly, this is Aoife's baby journal that was given to us from her great grandmother. I've been writing in it since I was around 12 weeks pregnant detailing everything for Aoife to read when she gets older. It's also full of different pictures I've taken throughout my pregnancy, as well as my thoughts and feelings.
pregnancy keepsakes
I update Aoife's baby journal regularly; it has all her weights in, her milestones and other tidbits such as the card I sent her daddy for Father's day when she was still a bump, her birth notification, her hospital tags etc. 

I'm planning on decorating the top of the box to make it more personal. I was going to add Aoife's name, plus her date of birth and maybe some cute little animals. 

Do you keep any momentos from your pregnancy or as your baby grows? 

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