Friday, April 15, 2016

A year ago today!?

One of the most exciting yet scariest days of my life happened this time last year! Can you guess before you carry on reading?

Yes, I found out I was pregnant!
positive pregnancy test, clearblue
It's a bit silly really! The only reason I took a pregnancy test was because I was one day late with my period; which could have easily been through stress or overworking. 

But something told me to take a test. Maybe it was because my body was always like clockwork?

I wasn't even confident I'd get a positive result because I had no symptoms what-so-ever. Maybe it was wishful thinking? So, I decided to use one of my cheap eBay tests instead of one of my Clearblues or First Responses. 

It was kind of a scary wait. I'd not long finished a night shift so I needed to go to bed because I had work that night too but I thought I'd test before sleeping because otherwise I'd end up staying awake with it on my mind. 

And when the positive result come out I didn't believe it. I thought because it was a cheap test it was lying to me. I decided to try out a clearblue instead. 
13 weeks pregnant, baby bump
When the positive result came up on the Clearblue then I believed it. 

The first thing I did was cry! It was a happy sort of crying though. We'd been trying for nine months so as each month passed with no results it started to feel like we'd never have a baby. I remember crying for ages; I just couldn't stop.

I felt scared because when I got those positive tests it became real. In 8 months there would be a baby. The thing we've been hoping for so much. It was actually really hard to believe.

Then you really want to shout it from the rooftops that you're pregnant but you're too scared to in case something happens. Finding out you're pregnant is such a hard secret to keep from everyone; especially when people know that you're trying for a baby.  

When I found out I was 4 weeks along. It's good finding out early because you can make sure you're looking after your body and baby (ie no alcohol, taking folic acid etc) but at the same time the wait is much longer! 

And now, we have a happy bouncy baby girl~

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