Thursday, September 01, 2016

Turning 26 | The Little Dessert Shop

On Tuesday I turned 26! Don't you find each birthday starts to loose it's speciality? I woke up and I was like it's my birthday? It feels like a normal day!

My partner took us away to Wales for the Bank Holiday weekend so I didn't plan anything until the evening of my birthday. Since opening in Wolverhampton, I've always wanted to go to The Little Dessert Shop. However, it was always always full and there were queues coming out of the doorway so this always put us off going. I love dessert but not enough to be queueing for it.. Now that the hype has calmed we decided we would finally go for my birthday with my mum and sisters. 
My partner and daughter got me birthday cupcakes too!

I always said I'd get waffles but when I was looking in the menu I couldn't choose for a second. I love dessert so much that my stomach took over my thinking for a minute. 
I chose a Ferrero Fantasy waffle after seeing all of the pictures on Instagram of the waffles they offer there. There's so much choice so it took everyone ages to choose what we wanted. This waffle is covered in Nutella and Ferrero Rocher pieces as well chopped nuts. It's also served with whipped cream and chocolate ice cream.
 I also had a mint aero milkshake. It had little pieces of mint aero at the bottom too. They kept getting stuck in the straw though and my sister managed to choke on a piece that got lodged in her straw. 
I needed to show the mint aero paradise sundae my mum had too. It was massive! I'd managed to catch a cold for my birthday too so I decided against having ice cream haha. I need to have one of these though. They do a bubblegum one I have my eye on!

I really really enjoyed my dessert. It was so delicious and the portion sizes are great. Since it was much quieter we didn't have to wait long either. I'd love to go back again and try some of the wafer baskets or crepes instead. I actually struggled to finish my waffle and I never struggle to finish dessert but it was really filling. I think everyone struggled to finish there desserts to be honest.
I also had lots of lovely cards and gifts from my friends and family for my birthday. Everything is so cute and lovely! 

Have any of you guys ever been to The Little Dessert Shop? 


  1. Gosh my mouth is watering just looking at these pictures - it seems like you had a lovely birthday! <3

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  3. The cupcake with 26 candle.. so cute!


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