Thursday, September 08, 2016

Family Time | West Midlands Safari Park

A few weeks ago we went on a lovely family day out to West Midlands Safari Park. Even though the weather was a little dark and drizzly we had a wonderful time. We bought along my 7 year old sister for the day too. 
West Midlands Safari Park Blog
I wanted to share some of the pictures I took with you guys. 

I've been to a safari park a couple of times before but my partner has never been. Aoife slept through most of the drive through safari and woke up close to the end. We had my sister in the front with us so she could get closer to the animals but she was too scared to feed them. The funniest moment was when the car got attacked by ostriches.
West Midlands Safari Park Blog
 West Midlands Safari Park Blog
Due to the weather a few of the animals stayed inside, but there were still many other animals to see.  I loved seeing the African Wild Dogs, the Spotted Deer and also the adorable baby Rhino they have.
West Midlands Safari Park Blog
After the safari we went around the Discovery Trail and also had a lovely walk around the Land of the Living Dinosaurs. The anamatronics are really cool looking, and it was so interesting to learn about all the different dinosaurs.
West Midlands Safari Park Blog
My little sister really wanted to go on the amusements so we also spent a lot of time there letting her go on all the rides, as well as winning some prizes and playing games in the arcade. 

When we left the safari park both my sister and Aoife were asleep in the back of the car. We were all quite tired when we got home. It was a really lovely family day!  

Have you ever been to a safari park? What do you think of them?

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