Sunday, March 20, 2016

Sunday Summary #2

It's Sunday again! So it's time for another Sunday Summary~ What have I been up to this week....

Apparently, today is the first day of Spring! So it's time to upgrade Aoife's wardrobe to make it perfect for spring. That means buying her new clothes! I'm actually really funny when it comes to buying baby clothes. I always worry about having the shoes to match the outfit. It's weird, right!? I'm sure Aoife's not worried about what shoes she has on as long as they're comfortable!
Floral print spring baby clothes
The first dress was a gift from Aoife's great-grandmother. She turns up with a new dress almost every week for Aoife. She's very good at finding beautiful clothes and this dress is so beautiful and perfect for Spring. 

The floral top, trousers and red dress I found in Morrisons. They have some really beautiful baby and children's clothes in their baby section. I'd love a big version of the red dress for myself; I've simply fallen in love with the pattern. Likewise, with the pastel floral trousers; I'd love a pair for myself. Why are baby clothes so cute!?

I'm still continuing with my healthy eating~ I wanted to share with you guys one of the breakfasts I made.I saw this recipe on yummly and I just had to try it. It's a baked egg basket. 
weight loss, baked egg basket, weight watchers hot chocolate, jaffa cake
It came out looking really good! I have peppers, tomato and cheese underneath the egg. Breakfast was one of the main meals that I always skipped or always felt bored with so I wanted to change it up a little so I wouldn't feel so bored and actually looked forward to breakfast. 

I also tried the Weight Watchers jaffa cake hot chocolate. It's really really yummy, especially with soya milk! I really love hot chocolate so this way I can enjoy it but make it a little healthier. 

I've also been super into playing the Disney Tsum Tsum game on my phone. I've been trying so hard to finish the Easter egg hunt and a couple of days ago I finally did it!
disney tsum tsum app, easter egg hunt, pinocchio, beauty and the beast
I also managed to get the Beast and Pinocchio tsum tsums. Whenever I buy premium boxes I always end up levelling up previous tsum tsums. I did end up levelling up my Pete tsum tsum as well but I was okay with that because I need to level him up for one of the bingo card missions I'm stuck on. 

I also attended a baby shower this week! It was the first baby shower I've been to. 
simple makeup, minimal makeup, baby shower makeup
This was my make-up~ I accidentally drew my eyebrows super thick at first. I ended up having to rub part of them off to make them look thinner. I had two great giant bushes on my head haha. I also did very minimal make-up, well, minimal to me!

As for the baby shower, it was really really fun! We played lots of different baby themed games and had a generally girly time. It makes me kinda wish I had had a baby shower but maybe next time? 

Lastly, today is seven years to the day that I had the plaster cast removed after my first knee surgery! I was born with congenital bilateral talipes meaning both of my feet and ankles were severely deformed and I had six surgeries from the age of 1 to around 7 or 8 to correct it. My feet are now as they should be, however, it left my knees very unstable and I started to get recurrent dislocating patellas. 
tibial tubercle osteotomy, cruciate ligament reconstruction, pink plaster cast, knee surgery scars
To have that corrected I needed to have a Tibial Tubercle Osteotomy (what a mouthful!) which is where they take the lump of bone attached to the tendon underneath the knee and move it to a different position to correct the angle of the tendon. Because of the surgery as a child it meant my tendon didn't run straight down my leg and would come off at an angle when it hit my knee making it unstable. Due to my frequent dislocations I had also destroyed my ligaments holding my knee cap in place so those also needed to be reconstructed. However, in my first surgery, the surgeon 'forgot' to reconstruct my ligaments resulting in me having to have a third knee surgery. 

Having the casts were a nightmare as they were very heavy. I had to have it changed constantly as it would slip down and start crushing my foot. There's also a picture of my knee now. The long scar running down the middle is from this surgery. 

My knees are a lot better now though! I haven't had a dislocation in years and I can actually run now! It took me years because psychologically I found it hard to get past the fear that my knee would dislocate if I'd walk downstairs or jump or run. For years I'd go up and down the stairs on my bottom like a child because my knee or knees would always dislocate whilst walking up or down stairs. 

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