Sunday, March 13, 2016

Sunday Summary #1

I take a lot of pictures that I never really show on my blog~ If you follow my Instagram and Twitter you may see them but otherwise they sit lonely in my Dropbox. 

So this is the summary of what I've been up to this week.

First off, it was my Brother and Sister's birthday this week. They turned 21~ Woo! We only did something small for them though because they'd prefer to do their own thing as even though they're twins they have two totally different personalities and likes. 

Even though I bought them a little gift each, I decided as well I would also bake them some super chocolaty birthday muffins. 
Milk chocolate muffins
I used so much milk chocolate to make these! They were incredibly chocolaty.

Honestly, I'm still new to making muffins from scratch but I'm getting there! It was fun to lick the bowl after I'd melted the chocolate and decorated the top of the cakes haha. A throwback to childhood when I used to bake with my Nan or with my Mum. 

I also spent a lot of time with my family this week. 
Aoife's cousin loves seeing her, she gets really excited and shouts "baby! baby!" but sometimes she also forgets that she's not a toy baby. She likes to try and give her her toys, dummy or bottle and she loves to talk to her and stroke her arms. My sister will also kill me for featuring her in the pictures. 

As for Aoife, she's become so incredibly smiley now! She's constantly smiling. 
3 month old smiling
I just have to share with you these adorable pictures of her smiling. They just melt my heart looking at them. She's also very talkative and loves talking to anyone and anything. She'll talk to her toys, the TV and to anyone who talks to her. 

My Sister also wanted to go out for her birthday. As my Sisters and I all have children now it can be a little difficult to arrange corresponding childcare but we managed to work it out so we could go out for her birthday. 

My make-up for the night~ It feels really weird wearing this much make-up. I never really have the time anymore.
night out makeup
My Sister wanted to go to the cinema and then for a meal. 

We went to go and see the new Sacha Baron Cohen film; Grimsby. It's incredibly funny! I really enjoyed the film and so did my sisters. We were laughing the whole way through along with the rest of the people in the cinema screen with us. I'd definitely recommend other people seeing it.

Afterwards we went to Pizza Hut for delicious Pizza~ I've been to pizza hut maybe twice so it's always nice to
pizza hut sharing pizza cookie dough
We ordered a sharing pizza full of meat with a side of chips. We then had cookie dough for dessert. I'm too scared to weigh myself after that treat! It's also the first time I've ever had cookie dough like this. The only cookie dough I've had before was in Ben & Jerry's but I'm hooked now. It was salted caramel. 

And lastly, it was also my Mother's Day this week!
Belated mother's day, frozen, disney, olaf, tsum tsum
My honey didn't have much money last week and so he had to 'move' the date of my Mother's Day. 

He said Aoife wrote the card but in reality he really wrote it right handed (he's a leftie!). It gave me a good chuckle when I opened it up because of how the writing looked inside. He also picked me up two new tsum tsums for my collection. Now I have a medium Olaf and a mini Simba to add to my collection. 

How was everyone else's Mother's Day? I hope you've all had a good week. What have you guys been up to?

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  1. The cupcakes look so yummy!
    Jabeen x

    1. They were delicious! They were devoured straight away by my chocolate loving family! x

  2. Sounds like you had a really great time! And those muffins turned out amazing :)

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me


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