Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Pastel gradient nails

I've been seeing a lot of those mini videos on instagram with nail art ideas and so I tried one of the ideas that I saw.

The idea is gradient nails done with ripped up sponge. I also need to pick up some nail peel at some point because cleaning your fingers afterwards is a nightmare.

Luckily, I also have a pack of makeup sponges from Superdrug that I never use that I could rip up without feeling bad about it. 
These are my nails before I started. They're growing so long and strong now. 
These are the polishes I used for this nail look. I'm really loving the colours in the Rita Ora collection for Rimmel.

I prepped my nails with a coat of nail rescue before using a clear base coat. 

I only have one white polish and it took about three coats for it to become fully white. I may have to invest in a good white polish in the future. 
Then with the ripped up pieces of make-up sponge each nail polish was dabbed on to make the gradient. 

I went over it with some white polish on a sponge after all of the colours were applied to make it look more pastel before applying a glittery coat over the top. 
Lastly was the top coat before I stood back and admired my pretty nails. 

I really love how this gradient looks, and it's so simple and easy to do! It doesn't take that long either because as you finish dabbing the colour on all your nails the first nail is dry enough to start with the next colour.

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