Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Pink and black polka dot nails ♪

I'm going to share my recent nail art with you guys today~

But first... 
Look how long my natural nails are! This is amazing for me as I used to have that horrible habit of biting my nails so for me to grow my nails this long is amazing. My poor cuticles though....

However, I can decorate them beautifully now so I have no desire to chomp on them at all. 

These are what I used to create my nails!
The Rimmel nail rescue has been great for helping my nail growth as my nails were quite thin and flimsy at first, but they are slowly becoming stronger. 

The nail stickers I found ages ago in a local Sainsbury's for 50p. They also had lots of different colour varieties so I snapped all of those up for 50p each again. 

They had been sitting in one of my nail art boxes for ages but I finally felt inspired to use them. 

This is the beginning of my nail art~ 
I simply cut the nail stickers down to size and stuck them down using the clear nail varnish. These stickers stuck down very very well. I've used some nail stickers before where they would lift up at the corners but these stayed really well stuck. I then filed the edges making them more neat before applying another coat of clear polish. 

Then I lined in black where the stickers stopped. 
Haha my lines are so poor. I don't have the world's steadiest hands! Thank god for acetone and a nail brush to clear up mistakes. 

However, I love to have sparkly nails! So I got out my box of rhinestones. 

Luckily I had some small black rhinestones so I used those along the black lines I had drawn and also on the nail that was full polka dot in the dots. I stuck them down using clear nail varnish again. 
After this I applied my last top coat to seal in the rhinestones and for another coat to protect the stickers more. 

I really love how these nails turned out, and I'm so inspired to do more and more nail art. I've been watching a lot of videos on Simply Nailogical on Youtube and there are so many things I would like to try!

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